Bad Shoulder – Baseball Injury

Playing baseball for years and years on end can lead to some pretty nasty injuries. Bill or Billy as he likes to be called, played this game all his life. Unfortunately, once he got the ripe old age of 18 his shoulder was completely gone. The exact injury will be discussed further in the article as well as how he got his start. Come along.


Growing up in Southern California, his Dad first introduced him to the game when he was kid. Trying to be like his favorite player, Roger Clemens, he wanted to be a pitcher. If you aren’t familiar with the baseball game or are from Europe, here is the idea. The pitcher throws the ball as hard as he can across the plate. The batter tries his hardest to connect with the ball and send it on it’s way.

bad shoulder

trying to fix a bad shoulder

Types of Pitches

Billy loves watching and playing baseball but knew there would be a chance of injury. All athletes knows this. He first started out learning how to throw the most basic pitch, the fast ball. This is the main staple in any baseball players bag of tricks. You take the ball and with two fingers on the top – flick the wrist forward.

The second pitch could be the reason his bad shoulder came to be. The dreaded curve ball. The curve ball is when the ball looks like it’s coming right and at the last minute moves. It’s not a fast pitch, but a tricky pitch to throw and hit.

Kids should never learn how to throw this pitch until they are strong enough and have the right instruction. This was not billy’s case.

How it happened

Trying to watch Roger Clemens throw a fastball is something anyone can pick up. However if you want to learn how to throw a curve ball, go to a teacher. This teacher will show you the correct mechanics and the correct form. Your arm needs to be strong and loose to allow for the funky motion.

His arm was neither at the time and he was doing it all wrong. This went on for years until he got to his senior year in high school. He was pitching in the backyard with his dad and something happened. His arm went completely numb and couldn’t grip the ball with any force. There was something wrong.

Doctors office

Man, the pain was unbearable moving forward and there needed something to be done to fix it. It was no longer about baseball, it was about living a normal adult life picking up objects. So the doctor was a big help in isolating the rotator cuff injury. This had been an abuse of power on his ligaments and eventually his head.


After the extensive work with the doctor and exercises, it started getting better. Imagine that! He could no longer throw the ball 100mph, but he was able to bend his arm to pick up a spoon and eat without discomfort. Baby steps here and there.

The biggest change of all was his happiness was back. He did enjoy baseball again from a new position, the stand.

How to Cure back pain on the job

cure back pain

Cure back pain on the job

My posts will be part story telling and part factual information that helps cure back pain and get better. The worst thing in the world is to go to countless websites and feel overwhelmed. None of this should be considered chiropractor’s official advice, but this can help you get better. Now sit back and enjoy

background for back pain

Sean Brooks is a father of two and has worked construction sites since he was 18. Although he was a smart guy, he never had the drive to go to college after getting his degree. He felt he had a special calling and was really working with his hands. His father and his grandfather both worked with their hands.

His dad was welder and worked that job til the day he died. Now i’m not sure if you have ever welded or even know what that means, but it is a hard body bruising body aching job. The hands of a welder look like catcher’s mitts and their grip can be said of something super human. And his grand dad was a logger.

How Did He Get Here?

So Sean Brooks was born to work outdoors soaking up the sun and that is what he did. Growing up he developed a strong body by moving items around his house and helping out his dad after school. When he got older, he knew that he was smart but also liked the effort of physical labor. So during college he would work summers in the hot sun to make extra money for dates and food. He liked working out in the gym so that on the job site, he could always push harder. And that’s where it went wrong.

Early in the day

It was a warm day, your average day in the summertime and Sean was up early. He was still feeling the day before when he built the rest of the fence around his home. Something he had been promising for the last 3 weeks. Happy wife – happy life. When it was time to jump out of bed, the aches and pains were still there. Tightness was much worse than normal and he felt it. Popped some medicine, did some doctor approved stretching that he learned online and headed to work.

Time to work

He arrives at the job site and sees his tools and his belt all lined up for the day’s shift. Not messing around – gets dressed and hops to it. It couldn’t have been more than 30 minutes in that again he back was starting to tighten up, but this was nothing new. So he pushed on – today was brick laying day. Hours go by and the sun is beating down and he grabs his lunch. Much relief to his body and his back, he sits for a while in the shade.

The injury

Then after 30 min of cooling off and getting a belly full of processed meats – he was ready to go after it again. Then after his muscles had cooled, he sees that the wheel barrel full of bricks needed to be moved for the truck. He lifts and hear’s a giant pop! his back goes out and his body freezes. If you have ever had this happen – the world could be on fire yet you still can’t move. Drops to he floor and shouts in agony.

The Treatment

Sean rushes to the back doctor and immediately gets warm treatment to stop the muscle from tensing up. He can’t move, but after some manipulation and some stretching – he can at least stand up.

Before he went he had Sean promise to always take the time to warm up his body and muscles before attempting another hard lift. He isn’t 20 anymore and it’s important to be safe for the long term health.

My Notes

Wow what a relief and what a miracle this doctor was to save the day. I’ve had my back pop and ive had to lay on the ground for hours until it decided to stop hurting.


I Shot the Back Pain

Chiropractors are a fun bunch as they always try to find and search for the best photos or shots. Our main man Charlie Johnson started out as a local fisherman, but then found his true calling of being a chiropractor. He searched for chiropractors here, he found chiropractors there, but he could not find them. So we then went out and used a chiropractor directory to find the best ones out there. He found a chiropractor family and took shots of back pain and neck pain. I took as many photos as he could to keep a record.

Next stop, learning about the field of chiropractors. Would he be able to use his keen skills in photography…Mr. Johnson thought he could do it. So he set out and researched all the latest skills and trends about the medical field of fixing the body. At first he was fascinated that a health care professional could diagnosis and treat neuro-muscular disorders – with an emphasis on treatment through muscle adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

Story Time

He actually found some men and women working on it that day. So he decided to shoot and photograph them while they were seeking to reduce pain and improve functionality of patients and as well as educate them on they can account for their own health and success.

Photo of a Chiropractor and his patient reviewing the reason for pain in her hip.

Photo of a Chiropractor and his patient reviewing the reason for pain in her hip.

By the end of the day, he must has taken at least 100 photos!! He was exhausted. So the last stop was to really figure out how could a medicine be defined? It was generally defined by alternative medicine or complimentary medicine.

A photo of a chiropractor and her patient reviewing the issue with the bulge in her spine.

A photo of a chiropractor and her patient reviewing the issue with the bulge in her spine.

He himself, Chuck, as everyone called him, Chuck Johnson or Charlies for short, photographed a patient with each of the top ailments.


They included:

Lower Back Pain

Neck pain

Receptive Strains


Sports Injuries

Car Accident Injuries

Arthritic pain

He had set out and accomplished something no ordinary fisherman could belive. He went out and looked for information on chiropractors and chiropractic advice. From there it let to reserach and chiropractor searches. Last, he had a whole chiropractic directory that he filled his camera with photos. Not many people, men or women could use their film and cameras to find such a vast amount of knowledge of Chiropractors in California.